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The smile behind the mask...


To all of our special mask makers...

We are so proud of the gifting of your time and talent to help keep others safe and it has been so great to be a part of this journey with you! 

We have enjoyed making bundles, remnant bags, 6 packs, fat 1/4's and more! Meeting new sewers in our community has been wonderful and we love seeing all of our loyal customers...even if it is just a quick hello while we deliver your goodies curbside!

The response and support we have received for our website and online store has made all the 18 hour days worth it. There have been some growing pains but you are all so kind. More and more is added every day and you helping spread the word is always appreciated.

Luckily we have been able to keep our shipments of elastic coming in.  Another 4,000 yards arrived this morning and we have sold out of about 2,000.  This won't be our last shipment but I wouldn't sit on the fence if you need some.  I have put the link below to all of our mask making products and you can access the elastic there or through the Notions page. 


Stay tuned for more store happenings and additions to our online presence!

We miss you sew <3

Monique & Hilary
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