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Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering Online

How do I know when my order is ready?
You will get confirmation when you place an order.  When we begin processing that order you will receive an email from us.  Then, when the order is ready to be picked up or has shipped, you will receive another email.

How is shipping cost calculated?
Shipping & Handling cost is calculated based on the amount of your order.  Sometimes shipping a product will cost the seller more than is charged and sometimes it will cost them less.  It is at the stores discretion to send the item using the postage that is required by USPS, based on the type of shipping you have chosen.

Do you provide curbside pick up or any other type of service?
Yes!  We offer several types of shipping during this time.  At check out you can choose to have your item shipped, free curbside pick up, free in store pick up and within certain zip codes (if absolutely necessary) we are offering a temporary free delivery service.

Can I be certain the item I order is in stock?
Since we are new to the online world and are in the process of building our store - there might be some overlap of a customer purchasing a product in the store while someone is also purchasing it online.  We are trying our best to keep this dynamic inventory accurate and appreciate your understanding and patience during this time.

Can I shop in the store?
Yes, we are considered essential now and we are inviting up to 4 customers, at a time, to shop in person.  Please wear a face mask and stay 6 ft apart from other customers.  Occasionally you may have to wait to enter a specific area of the store.  We also ask that you remain approx. 6 ft away from any staff while they are cutting fabric or helping you find something.  If you get to the store and there are already 4 customers shopping - please let us know and you can remain in your car or sit outside if it is a nice day.  We will come get you when a customer frees up a space.

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